Brieanna is awesome! Her knowledge of hair design is cutting edge. I’ve followed her for a lot of years whenever she has moved locations & will continue to! She is my stylist and has become my friend too! Thanks Brie, for bringing beauty in my life:)  
- Susan H.

I feel fortunate to have found Brie. I lived in St. Louis for eight years and had - what I thought was the best. But I was wrong. Here in Lincoln, NE is THE one and only, Brie Lebo. She knows exactly what to do with my huge head of hair. So when  I moved to Grand Island, it was a little sad at first - a 90 mile drive west. No worries though. She is well worth the drive. 
- Sarah Pearson

Brieanna does a wonderful job with my hair. She always does exactly what I ask her to do. If you need a quick fix before your next appointment she always tells me to let her know and she is glad to have me come back. She always offers that service but I have never needed her to fix my haircut -- she always cuts it just right.  She is very friendly and totally willing to teach you how to work with your hair to create a "just left the salon" look. I have naturally curly hair and she shows me what products I need to create the same curly look at home.  I have been going to Brieanna for many years and I am a very satisfied customer. 
- Sheila Harman

I went through several hair designers to finally find the one who is the BEST! With other stylists, I would make an appointment, explain what I was looking for with color and style, and walk out absolutely hating my hair! Then I found Brie! What a difference. She listens to you and offers great suggestions on color and style. I have been going to Brie over ten years. I get compliment after compliment on my hair style and color. She makes me feel young at 62, giving me a look that is very unique! She created a great style for me, with awesome color and highlights; and added just a little purple to add flair!  Thanks Brie!
- Patti S.

Every time I go to Brieanna I leave feeling better than when I arrived. She always does a fabulous job on my hair. She offers great expertise on what I should do differently with my color and style. I wouldn't go to anyone else! 
- Megan C

Brieanna does a fantastic job coloring and cutting my hair.  I attend college out of state, and the only time I will schedule a hair appointment is when I am home in Nebraska with Brieanna.  She is loyal to her clients, and has made sacrifices to come in on some Saturdays and Sundays so that she could accommodate to my travel schedule! I get several compliments on the color of my hair from other people. I have tried a variety of colors with Brieanna and she does a great job of doing what I ask for - coloring my hair with dimensions and very natural highlights. Thanks!
- Haley

My daughter and I have been clients of Brieanna for many years.  Trust me when I say we are picky... PAINFULLY picky. Brie understands this. She listens, asks questions and takes her time to understand what we are describing. She then takes her time DURING the cut/color/style to stop, have us check it out and either keep going or decide it is "enough". There are times when what I have asked for is not in my best interest - either due to the texture of my hair wise or the shape of my face. I count on her knowledge, expertise, and truthfulness to guide me to a better choice. If I am adamant in my decision, she will follow through without being rude or snarky in any way. When I sheepishly slink back to have her "fix" my obvious mistake, there are no questions. Just "well, let's go forward and not do THAT one again." She makes careful notes about cut, color, and what did or did not work before.  When anyone asks us if we know a good stylist, we both have no hesitation in saying YES we know this amazing person, go there, see the difference!!!          
- Teri Chambers

I’ve been going to Brie for about 6 years and I've never been happier with my hair! Not only is she an AMAZING stylist, she is a ton of fun to chat with during my appointments! She is always on top of the hottest styles and knows what will work with my hair type. I feel like a celebrity after each and every appointment because of all the compliments I receive! On numerous occasions I've had complete strangers come up to me and ask who does my hair! If you want to look and feel your best, I highly recommend scheduling an appointment with Brie Lebo!!  
- Krissy S.

Brieanna isn't afraid to think outside the box. Her hair color skills are amazing, and I know that I'm always going to look and feel like a new woman after seeing her! 
-Jessica Buecker

The hair stylist I went to before Brie would almost always run late. Plus, sometimes I liked my hair cut, other times not so much. When she colored my hair it was a guess as to what color it would be when she was done. The I started going to Brie and I'm happy to say every time she colors my hair it is spot on and I've never left the salon with a haircut I didn't like.  Yeah…to no more frustrating hair appointments!!  Makes me wonder why I didn't switch sooner.
- Jan L.

I have been going to Brieanna for over three years. I love the way she does my hair. The color is always so natural, which I love. Before I went to Brie I used to hate when people would ask me if I had just colored my hair. Finally, I have found someone who colors my hair exactly the way I like it!!
- Karen H

I like getting my haircut from Brie because I get to sit in a tall chair and always get to have a sucker afterwards. 
-Erazim (age 4)

Brie is always on time and is consistent in offering a quality haircut every time.  I would highly recommend her services. -Nate

Brie has pampered me through many seasons of my life.  My whole family keeps coming back for cuts, colors and transformations.  She is creative, honest, friendly, prompt and gives you her full attention every time. 

I think one of the hardest things for guy is finding a place to get their hair cut - where they feel both comfortable and assured that it will be what they want every time.  In the past went to cheap places to get my hair cut like Cost Cutters, Sports Clips, and hairs schools, but every time I went I was a little hesitant of the service. After finding out about Brieanna from a friend at work, I can say I know exactly what I am getting every time I go. Even if I don't know what I want, Brieanna does a great job working with me to help me try something new that still fits who I am. If that's not enough she is one of the most personable stylists I have ever worked with as well. Every appointment is not only a haircut but a great time. 
- Joey J

Brieanna always listens and delivers what I want spectacularly! She never pressures me into anything I don't want. She is very knowledgeable and she takes extreme pride in all she does. She is a master ather trade and she is a honest very kind person who deeply cares about her clients. She always goes above and beyond, only settling for the best!  If you are looking to be well treated and find a hair stylist for life, Come see Brieanna!
-Eric K

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